What our Clubbers think

"I love this class! I look forward to it every week, Dede is brilliant and makes it so much fun! it's a great work out to some fab tunes! "

                                                                                                            - Suzanna Yeo

"This is the most fun way to exercise! Dede is incredible the whole room has a feel good vibe and the tunes & routines are mixed up to keep it totally fresh. Dede & Emma are so full of energy which gets the whole class dancing & whooping away! The fact it's in the dark is an added bonus would 100% recommend this class"

                                                                                                                  - Zoe Firth

"I have never found a class that I have liked let alone loved enough to attend every week. It’s in the dark and honestly the best fun, I burn more calories laughing as well as dancing "

                                                                                                 - Emily Stephenson

'The best class...EVER! I have never found a class I enjoy enough to go to every week (and now twice a week). Dede is a fantastic instructor, she brings great personality to an already amazing class. I highly recommend.'  - Emily Stephenson 

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