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with Dede McGarrity

About Dede

Dede has been a part of curating and rolling out some of the world’s most popular fitness programmes.

One of the leading international presenters & master trainers of Zumba, Club DanceFit , Flow, Barre & Pilates.

Dede has evolved her fitness training to align with the needs of her client community.

With a background in theatre, dance & Fitness choreographing many global Theatre productions, Dede is known for an injection and contagious energy in her training methods, changing the lives of her clients in the most fun way possible.

From helping you dance yourself fit, to choreographing for companies worldwide, her broad range of experience can help with a multi-faceted workout like no other.


“Dance gave me the knowledge of knowing the body and it's capabilities and as my career evolved, I have adapted that knowledge to Club Dancefit."

Applying the foundational principals of Exercise, nutrition, Breath, Mindfulness, sleep and hydration have provided a roadmap to great success.

Dede is also the founder of the body shed

( ​

EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) uses electrical impulses to create an involuntary muscle contraction to enhance and supercharge your workout. In the comfort of your own home or in Dede's studio in Addlestone, Weybridge.

 Lean up , Tone up, Lose weight, Look great.

"I was introduced to EMS and soon became amazed at the results it can give to people of all levels of fitness not just for training purposes but also Injury rehabilitation”


The Body shed

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